Weloop FAQ

What is Weloop?

Weloop is a mobile platform for sharing live video. Instead of saving video and then uploading, we want to let you share in real-time as the action is happening. You can choose to make your video ephemeral or save it on the Weloop cloud.

What platforms is Weloop available for?

Weloop is available for iPhone iOS 8+. You will need a minimum of an iPhone 4S. We are hard at work on an Android version and it should be out very soon.

Where can I share my videos?

Right now you can share via Facebook and Twitter as soon as you start a new live video. We are currently working on integrations with more social networks and platforms.

Why Weloop? How is Weloop different then other mobile video platforms?

Other video apps are focused on capturing video and then uploading. We think video is better shared live. Why not interact with viewers as the action is happening? Get instant feedback, comments, likes and no need to wait.

What kind of internet connection do I need? Is 4G necessary?

Weloop is designed to work on a wide range of internet connections, everything from slower 2G (edge) to 4G/LTE.

Is there a length limit?

Your videos can be as short or as long as you please. There is no limit on length.

Can I upload a video I made elsewhere to Weloop?

Not at this time. We want Weloop to be a collection of videos that are raw, unfiltered and unedited.

Are my videos stored permanently?

You can choose to have your video be live only or to save it to your Weloop account. To delete a video simply open it up and press the delete button. You can also long press on a video from your profile screen to delete.

Who can see my videos?

All videos are public at this time. This means any other Weloop user can see your video as well, and your video can also be watched online by any internet user. In the future we will introduce private videos so you can limit sharing on specific videos.